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  • 1 or 2 Family Home, Condo, Co-op
  • Commission only 2.8%
A Win Win for you --
Low Commission of a Discount Broker.
Marketing of a Full Commission Broker.


Selling Your Home:
EZ as 1, 2, 3.

1) The Ultimate for sale with riderMarketing Plan

"Price, Presentation, Promotion and 
Incentives for Buyers to Choose Your Home."


In addition to the standard items most borkers provide, i.e. placement on the MLS, our online marketing includes premium placement on some of the most visited real estate websites:, the #1 visited real estate website, Trulia, and ListingBook, a popular website of Staten Island home buyers; Also standard listing on approximately 80 other websites, including Yahoo, Zillow, Google, MSN, AOL and Craig's list.There are many other marketing tools we use to maximize your home's exposure to qualified buyers.

Take a look at the some of the digital tools we use.  A Text ID, above, and QR Tag, below, are displayed on your home's lawn sign and in print advertisting, i.e. flyers and postcards. Potential buyers send a text to your home's assigned number or scan the QR Tag with their mobile phone; Immediately, your home's website can be opened on the mobile phone displaying photos, video, and details of your home.


We make your home stand out:

  360 Degree Multi-Room
     "Interactive" Tour         <--Click



Photographer and Videographer

Pros make your home look its best and that increases buyer interest & the preceived value of your home.

2) Buyer Incentives***

 More reasons for buyers to choose your home:

       *Pre-Marketing home inspection

       Reassures and encourages buyers to make an offer.
                          (at no cost to you)
If you approve -- Buyers can review the inspection report and
be confident in knowing the condition of your home.

  3) Low Commission

More money for you.

About 50% less than what others Brokers charge. A Great Value.

More negotiating flexibility for you.  <---***

Call us we'll explain???


Full of marketing tools

Our marketing is geared toward maximizing your home's exposure to qualified buyers. We know the importance of marketing your home online. Your home will appear on approximately 40 or more real estate websites. Our online marketing includes premium advertising on some of the top real estate websites.  We use today's digital technologies: your home's own mobile optimized website, email & text messaging campaign, and social media: Facebook and YouTube.  And so much more.  So while no one can guarantee what any home will sell for, more exposure is the best way to increase the number of showings of your home, & more showings is the best way to increase the number of offers made for your home.


HomeTeam’s Approach to Selling:

It’s important to know your market, so we'll provide you with a user id & password to access your exclusive Property Activity section which details the following:

  • Property details, photos, the listing status of houses in your surrounding area
  • Prior week's activity report: new listings, sold-with prices, under contract, expired
  • Offers received
  • Advertising initiative
  • Comments received from showings
  • Staten Island real estate market news
  • Info, news articles and websites to keep you informed

Each week we'll discuss this information with you.  We’re always working towards getting the best price available in the current market for your home, in accord with your personal selling preferences. 

 Customer Service

We will help and guide you with your real estate transtraction#  We’re always available for any questions, and we welcome your comments.


The Ultimate Marketing Plan:

Low commission, a marketing strategy aimed at getting you the best price, great customer service, incentives for Buyers to choose your home and a lot more.

Price  *  Presentation  *  Promotion

Incentives for Buyers to choose your home



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 The Value Plan.Lower commission   More money for you.


 We provide --

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promotion for

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Low commission

More money for you.


Seller Info

Setting the right price
for your home.


Pro Photos & Video

Pro photo front view

A Professional's Touch


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